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Lirik Lagu Dream High

Lirik Lagu Dream High
Lirik Lagu Dream High – Dunia Korea masih menjadi bahan pembicaraan kawula muda tanah air. Salah satu pemberitaan yang masih hangat dicari dan dibicarakan selain Foto Pemain Dream High adalah Lirik Lagu Dream High. Serial drama Korea Dream High sendiri hingga saat ini memang masih menjadi salah satu Drama Korea yang masih digandrungi. Serial drama yang menceritakan kisah hidup para remaja tersebut membuat banyak kalangan terutama pengamat dunia perfilman terpana.

Berikut salah satu Lirik Lagu Dream High yang merupakan favorit penulis dalam versi Inggrisnya.

Reff 1 : I dream high I dream a dream When it's tough, I close my eyes and
The moment my dream comes true Continue to recall and get up

At the end of fear today too I tremble Like a baby bird, would it fall, unable to fly
Repeatedly I can do it, can my dream come true Every time I'm fearful, my belief walking step by step again
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Reff 2 : I believe I can fly high One day me above the sky
Wings stretched out, more free than anyone else Flying rising high

I need bravery to overcome Firstly pick myself up rise again and dare to run
Once again believe in me and my destiny Climb over every wall taller than me
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Dream high a chance to fly high Now bye bye to all that hurts
Try flying high like the stars in the sky Your dream will unfold
Starting from now Don't be afraid of the future made by your hands
Now walk totally confident
Unstoppable destiny is destiny Now we soar up high
For you, this whole new fantasy So from now, take my hand here
From now on, our aim One dream and not give up
Youthful passion all here dream high
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Semoga Lirik Lagu Dream High diatas bisa membuat para penggemar serial drama tersebut senang.


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